The Elves are race that’s always set themselves apart either by word or deed. Their mastery of magic and their long lives gives them a perspective that often comes off as arrogant and distant.

They often make vague references to threats or events that are “on the horizon.” but still centuries away, if ever. They also seem to love keeping, or more accurate, teasing secrets they may know.

Culture. Elven culture is considerably a set of contrasts. They enjoy a level of food drink and music that most other races would consider debauchery, but their demonstration of that enjoyment is often quiet and subdued.

Their choice of primary eating utensils are unique. They use two rods, each with two fine tines on the end. Made of either metal or polished wood, these eating rods are used in one hand to manipulate food. But at times, they use the tines on the end to stabilize and pull apart food. To outsiders, there seems to be no rules when to make the switch, other than to do it gracefully.

They also use knives and spoons for the usual reasons.


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