Solar Sails

Lanteen Sail Savaged!
Pirate haven swept clean, probably for the best.

Latest issue of the “Ruby Port Piehole” Gazette

Authorities confirm that the infamous pirate haven, the Lanteen Sail cloud, has been righteously attacked by someone and pretty much wiped off the star charts. No one is claiming responsibility, which makes veteran observers of the Human Swath assume it is more vendetta related than legitimate raid by a recognized government.

We will print more details as they emerge.

The Goblilypse! Citywide
Latest issue of the "Ruby Port Piehole" Gazette

The foolishness of magi was yet on display once again when a wizard Fetterous Magpie was almost a victim of his own unnatural experiments. He did not join the 12 fatalities or 24 injurious persons that occurred soon after.

“I had no idea that essences of Goblins would react so … readily to manipulations of thaumatic energies. It must be do to their weaker natures. It would be a fascinating thing, if not for the havoc they caused,” Magpie said.

The goblin victims, allegedly, escaped and were haplessly changed by their circumstances. Becoming creatures capable of spitting acid, controlling their limbs from a distance and forcibly merging into power, blood thirsty creatures, they terrorized the southwest districts of the city.

To add to the calamity, the abilities seemed transferable to innocent Goblins by a bite.

The High Captain’s Table has called a curfew for all Goblins and is considering a quarantine as well.

Magpie refused further interviewing upon hearing this reporter’s notes being read back to him.

There were reports of a possibly infected goblin at the wharf, which was identified as Elliots, the cabin goblin of the Trojan, a two masted.

The Trojan acquitted itself valiantly by firing upon an army of the twisted beasts and stooping the infection from claiming more green lives.

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