Solaris StormLake

Appealing speaker who awakens dreams


Tier -1 / Effort – 1 / XP – 0
Might Pool – 10
Speed Pool – 9
Intellect Pool – 19 / Edge -1

Special Abilities
Light Weapons (p)
Resistant to Charm
Interactions Skills (Deceiving, persuading, casual interactions) (T)


Solaris grew up in a small colony who lived on Somni, one of the many asteroid micro planets left over from the destruction of the Feman. His tribe were all dream awakeners who believed that one’s true self could only be found in the dreaming world. Over time, this belief became more like an addiction for the majority of the tribe members. His mother especially began spending less and less time in the awakened world. Sol was not satisfied living on his dreams alone and caught a ride on a passing merchant ship soon after his 23rd birthday. Shortly after Sol left, his tribe committed mass suicide, “releasing themselves into the dream.” Despite Sol’s sheltered upbringing he found that he had an immediate connection with most people he met. He used his inherit knack for connecting with others to secure odd jobs on several different ships throughout the system

Solaris StormLake

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