Ayano Takoyaki

Battle Bread forged in an oven of war!


Ayano Takoyaki is a driven warrior who fights with Panache. Will fix up a picture later, no flamerino.


Ayano Takoyaki is an eccentric cook-for-hire hailing from noble houses across the stars, having served as a chief maid and head chef for at least a dozen well-off families. Miss takoyaki originally hails from a low class family that was in service to a Duke who held a noble title. She and her family lived within the residence and was raised as a house keeper for nearly a decade to which end she spent many days performing the day to day upkeep of a large manor. Shewas a companion for the noble’s beautiful but anemic daughter and accompanied her at nearly every step. As the noble title found itself at the edge of financial collapse, the Duke daughter stole a precious heirloom as a gift to Ayano and was presented with a jeweled sabre. Though she may have intended for Ayano to sell the rare piece, she kept the unusual item as a memento to her longitme master she’d always known as a friend. Time found its own way as she was on her own and in service to at least several more noble houses to which she expertly applied her skills as a chief maid and coordinated a team of house keepers in service to it’s lords. Many years later, she was taken under the service of a master class chef who called himself ‘The Zodiac’. There she had even formed an apprenticeship with the Zodiac and became a well taught cook in was he called the ‘twelve divisions of celestial cooking’. Though most of it sounded completely inane, she followed his lead anyway. When she finally was left off serving the Zodiac, the search for more money paved a new path in the world of culinary arts. She followed up on a job opportunity at Wharf’s End as a part-time sous chef in Ruby Port and chef aboard the seemingly good ship ‘Trojan’.

Ayano Takoyaki

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